Programme & Project Management Business Support Officer - Midlands

Every day there are new tasks and challenges

My Role


Since completing my project management apprenticeship at Highways England, I have secured a permanent role as a Business Support Officer. My role sits within the Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team and involves providing project support across a programme of initiatives that are based around our core imperative - safety.

My role also includes providing financial and administration support to a number of teams. This means I get to work alongside a number of people which is great for networking and exposure to different areas of the organisation.


My Story


I first joined Highways England in November 2017 as a Project Management Apprentice. My course lasted two years and I successfully obtained a Level 4 Diploma. The apprenticeship scheme gave me excellent exposure to the transport sector and how the project management environment thrives within this. It has allowed me to establish a sound foundation that I am now able to build upon. Due to my interest in project management, I work closely on a number of projects and have been given the responsibility to manage my own initiatives within my day to day role.


My Projects

There's never time to get bored – every day there are new tasks and challenges. I am currently working on a number of initiatives, all aimed at improving safety on our network. My main component of work is a research project investigating common causes of HGV fires. This research is conducted over 12 months and will provide useful insights and intelligence that my team can use to make better informed decisions on potential safety interventions.

Other projects I manage or work closely within include sourcing a digital solution for the commercial vehicle sector to access materials and resources, piloting the digital information screens at DVSA check sites, tachograph misuse and 'Driving in the UK' – aimed at overseas commercial vehicles. Evidently, I have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that can make a difference and give me the exposure I need to progress further in my career. 


My Highways England

Highways England are very focused on pushing people up within the business. They encourage everyone to continuously work on their professional development. There’s a range of development courses, so you have excellent educational support which allows you to progress into whatever role you wish.

I was very impressed with the Highways England Apprenticeship scheme. It provided me with the fundamental skills and knowledge that I use in my day to day role.