Apprenticeship Project Manager Apprentice - Midlands

Every day there are new tasks and challenges

My Role

I love the structure of my role as a Project Manager Apprentice, and the people are so friendly. Working in a small team, I’ve been able to get to know everybody.

Graduates and apprentices give a fresh perspective and new ideas to Highways England. It widens the scope of experience and age groups working within the business. At the same time, inexperienced individuals will want to learn from other experienced employees.


My Story

I saw the Project Management Apprenticeship advertised on the website. I felt like I met some of the criteria and the role seemed interesting and well-suited to the subjects I had taken at A Level - English Language, Fine Art and Philosophy & Ethics.

Some of my friends thought this might be an ‘office job’, constantly working behind a computer. But I have travelled a huge amount since being here. I’ve been to police training, DVSA check sites, and other Highways England offices. It’s been interesting and exciting. Getting out and about, I meet all sorts of people.

My family are over the moon that I've got a Higher Level Apprenticeship within such a huge company, working in such a lovely location. The staff benefits are huge and they are pleased I’m looked after when in and out of the office. They feel the APMP Diploma in Project Manager will set me in good stead for life because it’s recognised worldwide.


My Projects

There's never time to get bored – every day there are new tasks and challenges. I’m currently working on my own project, with an aim to reduce the amount of debris incidents on the network. I am enjoying learning ‘on the job’ - creating all the relevant documents, liaising with stakeholders and chairing meetings to gain approval to progress further.

When you begin a project a lot of things will appear on your agenda. Prioritising these tasks and completing them on time and to a good quality is down to effective time management and staying organised.


My Highways England

Highways England are very focused on pushing people up within the business. They encourage everyone to continuously work on their professional development. There’s a range of development courses, so you have excellent educational support which allows you to progress into whatever role you wish.

I’m very impressed with Highways England Apprenticeship scheme. They want you to do well within your role and look after their employees. I’d say being only 18 and having a pension plan already set up and running is pretty good going! 

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