Senior Leadership SMP Development and Sponsorship Director - North West

Join a family that will grow your career

My Role

I’m the Development and Sponsor Director within the Smart Motorways Programme.


My Story

One of the things that excites me is that within a short space of time here, you can get return on investment. It doesn’t take 10 years in gestation like some other major infrastructure projects you see. Our projects immediately generate not only growth for the local community, but also increase value in terms of journey time capability and customer overall benefit.


My Projects

One of the benefits of working on smart motorways is the use of technology. These are not just standard, conventional construction projects that are big civils, moving concrete around. We have a high reliance on technology, and that means we need broad skills from all age groups and experiences, not just within the highways environment.

The move away from traditional civils toward the use of technology is ever-increasing and rapidly growing. Therefore, irrespective of whether you have experience of delivering such projects or you have a technology background, you’re certainly going to be welcome within the Smart Motorways Programme at Highways England.


My Highways England

Unlike other organisations, which are in contraction or a period of instability, Highways England is on the up. You have an opportunity to come and join a family that will grow your career, and you’ll see the UK economy grow with you.

If you’re new to the business, you’ll likely be taken out on site and with traffic officers, and you’ll be given opportunities to explore other areas of the business. The family environment that comes with Highways England is certainly one of the values that I cherish working here. It means you feel much more empowered.