Programme & Project Management Project Manager - East

I'm proud to be part of something so big

My Role

I’m the Project Manager for the M5, Junction 4a to Junction 6 all lane running scheme. It's a challenging and rewarding role, with great variety and responsibility.


My Story

I started my career at Highways England. Over the years I've worked in most divisions, building on each new experience.

Along the way, I had my family, knowing that the company would be supportive. Returning to work, I mixed full-time and flexible working, juggling looking after children and work.

Through continued support I’m continuing to develop myself by undertaking external qualifications, and taking an active part in membership organisations.


My Projects

With around 180 people in the site office and over 400 people working shifts on the construction site, my current project can be very intense. It’s exciting to lead on such a big project and to be responsible for getting things done.

This means making timely decisions, multitasking, working across technical disciplines, and doing the right thing at the right time for the good of the project and the people.

There are meetings every day looking at commercial, health and safety, early warnings, risk, programme, technology, design, quality, construction, and more. I make sure I understand how each area is impacting on the project and ensure it’s being managed with expertise and thoroughness.

I find the work we do, and the pace at which we deliver projects, amazing. I love leading on a project that directly impacts on improving the economy and conditions for all road users. I’m proud to be part of something so big.


My Highways England

No day is the same as the one before. The work is so diverse that everyone has a wealth of opportunities to develop their skills.

There are great opportunities for people starting on their career path.

We welcome new people in all disciplines, as we accept the richness that comes with different experiences.

Highways England is a progressive company. There is a support network in place and a clear structure, and I have never come across anyone who is not willing to help.