Apprenticeship Project Manager Apprentice - East

I want to see where my career can take me without limiting myself.

My Role

As a Project Manager Apprentice, I’m expanding my knowledge in an area I’ve never explored before. I’m learning a lot and it’s exciting. I’m trying to gain exposure and understanding as to what the different functions and teams do.


My Story

At school, I decided I wanted to be a counselling psychologist. So I went on to do a degree in Psychology with Counselling and Therapies. But during my second year of university, I changed my mind. I started researching careers based on how I perceive my personality, my approach to work and my personal and professional experiences.

That led me to project management, and Highways England.


My Projects

People think I am out on site, building roads. They’re not aware of how big Highways England actually is, and all the different components that go into maintaining and developing the Strategic Road Network.

I want to have an idea of all the opportunities that exist. I want to see where my career and qualifications can take me without limiting myself.


My Highways England

Highways England is in a great position to provide people with opportunities and experiences that enable us to start successful careers.

Now is a perfect time for graduates and apprentices to start within Highways England. The company is changing and it’s something great that we can be a part of.

Vacancies in Apprenticeship

Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies in this area right now.

But you might find something else that suits you.

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