Traffic On Road Traffic Officer and RCC Operator - South East

The communication is fantastic

My Role

I’m an On Road Traffic Officer and a Regional Control Centre (RCC) Control Room Operator. The purpose of my role is to keep the Strategic Road Network moving as safely as we possibly can.


My Story

I’m proud of being trained up in the control room and getting to grips with the technology side, especially the IT, on road signs, signals and deployed units. For me, that was a great achievement.


My Projects

It’s all about communication with regards to the different RCCs and different strategic parts of the network. Communication has to be bang on in terms of informing the general public.


My Highways England

Being on the road is a fantastic thing. Every single day is different. Working in the control room is all about giving support to the guys on the road. The communication is fantastic, so there’s always someone you can turn to if you haven’t got the answers yourself.

Vacancies in Traffic

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