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Supporting local wildlife and agriculture

The A556 carries approximately 51,500 vehicles daily, around 11% of which are lorries. The section of the A556 between the M56 junction 7 and the M6 junction 19 is 4 miles (6.5km) long.

A556 Knutsford to Bowdon Improvement

Before we began this important project, it was mainly a single 4 lane carriageway, with sections of dual 2 lane carriageway.

Numerous properties and field entrances have direct access onto the A556. As well as the 2 motorway junctions, there are also 2 other major junctions that connect local roads to the A556. Both junctions are controlled by traffic lights and have restricted turning movements.

All of this meant that traffic was often severely congested at junctions along the A556, particularly at peak times, during roadworks and following incidents. There were also a large number of personal injury accidents.

We aimed to solve these problems by creating a new, modern dual carriageway. The existing A556 became a single carriageway road with facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Our work has made the road safer and journeys more reliable. Residents living next to the old A556 no longer have to deal with noisy traffic rattling past their driveways. What’s more, we built our first “Green Bridge” – a safe crossing for wildlife and for agricultural access.