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Increasing traffic capacity

The Lower Thames Crossing will be a new road crossing, connecting Essex and Kent. Located east of Gravesend and Tilbury, the crossing will offer improved journeys, new connections, network reliability and economic benefits that only a new, alternative crossing away from Dartford, can provide.

Lower Thames Crossing

For more than half a century, the Dartford Crossing has been the only crossing to the east of London. Around 55 million journeys are made each year on the Crossing. That’s six million more than it was designed for, and it suffers from closures, due to almost daily incidents. This leads to congestion and unreliable journey times in Dartford and Thurrock, which restricts economic growth in this area and the country.

The new crossing will be a bored tunnel under the River Thames east of Gravesend and Tilbury.

It will provide more than 70% additional road capacity across the river connecting Essex and Kent. It will unlock billions of pounds in investment and create thousands of new jobs.

Informed by more than 47,000 responses to public consultation, this route was carefully selected as the one that minimises community and environmental impacts as far as possible, whilst providing the transport and economic benefits of a modern, alternative crossing.

This new 70mph, 13-mile route and crossing will be built to the highest safety standards, incorporating the most up-to-date engineering and information technology.

To ensure we make the right decisions as we deliver the project, we’ll carry out a range of environmental surveys, more detailed air quality and noise impact assessments, further traffic modelling and more detailed design work.