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Installing smarter motorways

The M1 is a strategic route that carries high volumes of heavy goods and other vehicles. Drivers currently experience congestion and unreliable journey times at busy periods. What’s more, traffic is predicted to grow, particularly around East Midlands Airport.

M1 junctions 23a to 25: Smart Motorway

As part of our Roads Investment Strategy, we have converted the M1 into a smart motorway between junctions 23a and 25.

This includes a controlled motorway between junctions 23a and 24, and all lane running between junctions 24 and 25, where we have converted the hard shoulder into a permanent traffic lane.

This section is now a fully operational smart motorway, using pioneering technology to monitor traffic levels. We are able to change the speed limit to smooth traffic flow and manage congestion, activate warning signs to alert drivers to changes up ahead, and close lanes if required for emergency vehicles.

As part of this upgrade, we have installed new CCTV cameras and electronic information signs and signals on gantries to keep drivers informed of changing speed limits and problems on the road ahead. We have also constructed a number of emergency areas should drivers need to stop in an emergency situation; each of these include an emergency roadside telephone.

All of which will, overall, make journeys safer, faster and more reliable. By improving the capacity of our motorways, we also support economic growth.