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Setting speed limits in real-time

We’re improving 20 miles of the M6 motorway between junction 16 (Crewe) and junction 19 (Knutsford) by making it a SMART motorway. This involves using the latest technology to monitor traffic and set speed limits, to keep traffic flowing consistently.

M6 junctions 16-19: Smart Motorway

Historically, this section of the M6 has suffered from excessive congestion, making journey times unreliable. As a SMART motorway, all 4 lanes will be open to traffic, with regular refuge areas available for emergency use in place of a hard shoulder. We’ll use the latest technology to monitor traffic flow and set speed limits in real time to prevent the risk of congestion.

In central reservations, we have installed new concrete safety barriers, upgraded the drainage system extensively, provided protection to the structures affected by the scheme, and done some lane resurfacing work.

We’re also working in the verges, on a host of traffic management measures. These include constructing the new emergency refuge areas for vehicles in trouble; replacing and renewing existing drainage and manholes; constructing foundations for new gantries; installing full CCTV coverage, and installing overhead gantries and electronic signage. Our smart communications system is essential to managing congestion, providing information to drivers and regulating traffic flow by moderating speed limits.

Along the way, we’re taking every opportunity to engage with local people on the broader issues that concern them about the road network, Highways England and our schemes. Not just here but across the nation, we’re working hard to find ways of providing project feedback on a more local level.

As a result of our work, this road will be safer and less congested, and journeys will be smoother, faster and more reliable. Crucially, by adding much needed capacity to the motorway and reducing the cost of delays to commuters and business traffic, the project will support a healthy and growing economy.