We are smarter

Who We Are

We are responsible for England’s motorways and major A roads. We are the backbone of businesses and communities up and down the country.


Our roads make up less than 3% of the length of England’s total road network. Yet they carry one third of all traffic, and two thirds of all freight. Many businesses rely on our roads, and nine out of ten of them are located less than 15km from our network. Whether it’s the daily commute or delivering to deadlines, the nation’s economy - and its people - depend on our work.

£15 billion will be invested by March 2020 to make our roads safer and smarter. Delivering this scale of road investment is unlike anything we've seen in a generation, and everyone here has a role to play in realising our plans.

Individually, we are engineers, project managers, analysts, planners, and more. We are skilled professionals, experts in risk, finance, efficiency, technology and more. We are leaders, thinkers and doers. Together, we are the road.



Our commitments

We put safety first: for everyone who uses or works on our roads.

It's a commitment that calls for us to take on a range of major challenges, and we're responding with equally ambitious programmes. We'll engage with a diverse range of customers and stakeholders, ensuring they are up to speed with our progress. We'll be flexible too, because whilst our plans are detailed and robust, unpredictable events - from traffic incidents through to changing road use - require us to adapt at pace, switching lanes without veering off course. There's never been a more challenging or exciting time to get involved.

We are committed to constantly improving what we do, guided by our five core values. Since 2015, we have added more than 100 miles of capacity to our motorways. We've resurfaced 1,471 miles in just two years. We've opened major improvement schemes elsewhere, and it's just the beginning. We are:

  • Improving the capacity of roads while upgrading them to cut journey times
  • Making roads safer with improved junctions and signage
  • Aiming to reduce deaths and injuries by 40% by 2020
  • Cutting congestion with innovative smart motorways
  • Delivering an invested £100 million to keep cyclists safe
  • Reducing noise pollution with noise barriers and low-noise road surfacing

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