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Your Future

At the heart of England’s strategic road network, we know where we’re headed. Our plans lead to 2025, and we're already considering how to extend our work right through to 2050.

Delivering these ambitious plans calls for us to invest in talented people, as well as projects. Our people are essential to the roads of tomorrow.

A career with Highways England has a professional legacy built in. You'll help to deliver substantial and lasting benefits to the nation.


Your future

Support economic growth

You'll support economic growth with a modern, reliable network that reduces delays, creates jobs, helps businesses and unlocks new development.

Your future

Sustain a safe network

You'll sustain a safe network where no one should be harmed when travelling or working.

Your future

Freer-flowing Network

You'll be behind a freer-flowing network where routine delays are more infrequent and journeys are safer and more reliable.

Your future

More Accessible, Integrated Network

You'll help to connect a more accessible, integrated network that gives people the freedom to choose how they travel.



Road Investment Strategy

We are currently delivering a £15 billion investment as part of the government’s Road Investment Strategy for 2015 to 2020. It’s the largest investment in strategic roads we've seen for a generation. This investment will ensure we can provide safe and reliable roads efficiently, cost-effectively and in ever more innovative ways. This in turn supports the nation. The welfare of our roads is directly connected to economic stability, housing, businesses, skills, recruitment and productivity. It's why from day one you'll discover many exciting opportunities, and many more to look forward to.

Road Investment Strategy 2020-2025

We are already shaping plans for our next period of strategic development, which begins as soon as the present strategy is delivered in 2020. Having received thousands of ideas from stakeholders, we're exploring a wide range of fascinating opportunities.

The Road Investment Strategy 2020-2025 is our vision for supporting the UK’s economy well into the future. With it come huge opportunities to develop your skills and build invaluable experience that will stand you in great stead, wherever your career takes you.

Vision 2050

Our 2050 Master Plan is our response to the Department for Transport's strategic vision:

“Our ambition for the next 25 years is to revolutionise our strategic roads to create a modern strategic road network that supports a modern Britain.”

We are shaping a vision of a joined-up transport infrastructure. One that takes full account of the impact of technology on how we use roads. As an employee, it means you can build a long-term career with us that will constantly evolve. Together, we'll harness the latest technology and link our thinking on roads to rail, ports and beyond. We're all set for an extraordinary journey.